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You can also watch the worship service online at this site, live every Sunday morning from 9:25-10:45 AM (EST/EDT)

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Resurrection Justice

We do not usually associate Easter with justice. Yet justice is central to the resurrection story. The gospels describe the miscarriage of justice in the crucifixion of an innocent man. For Christians, Jesus is the innocent man. Recognizing Jesus is central to the resurrection story and to Christian faith. Those complicit in the crucifixion did not recognize Jesus. If they had, “they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (1 Corinthians 2:8).
     The Bible is the story of God addressing human violence, including human structural and systemic violence. Capital punishment by crucifixion was institutionalized violence meant to frighten a subject population into obedience. Today violence takes many forms, the most insidious of which masquerade as justice, just as Roman violence did. The good news is that God does not abandon us to a violent world of our own making, but undoes our own injustice and executes justice of a new kind.
     By being raised from the dead, Jesus confronts the human violence in its social, political, and economic manifestations and defeats the enemies of justice, not with more violence, but with undoing death itself. This story is at the center of Christian faith and calls us to be partners with Jesus, living toward a new future not yet fully realized, free from violence and even death.      —Phil Waite

Holy Week at CMC

 Maundy Thursday, Apr. 17
   6 p.m., Fellowship meal and service with hand- or foot-washing
Good Friday, Apr. 18
   7 p.m., Tenebrae service
Easter Sunday, Apr. 20
8 a.m., Easter breakfast
   9 a.m., Hymn sing
   9:30 a.m., Worship service
   9:45 a.m., Deaf Christian Fellowship breakfast and service

  Discernment: Perceiving spiritual direction. The process of understanding God's desire in a particular situation. Wisdom.


      Lent is a time set apart to pay attention to God. It is a time to seek spiritual direction, a time for discernment. Click here for a resource for discernment, with questions for individual and group reflection.


























































































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